Thursday, August 15, 2013

Korea: The Re-Weigukin-ing

So I should probably have been getting on a plane for China today. It didn't work out that way, for various reasons. As of now, I'm doing my best to get back to Korea.

I've collected several of the required documents, including:

1) Three sealed transcripts. (The WCU Registrar's Office was amazingly prompt--thank you so much, folks!)
2) Six awful passport photos. At least they're not going on my actual passport?
3) A passport, valid until 2021.

I'm waiting (trying not to bite my nails) as the FBI processes my criminal background check. In the US, this can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks (it's been about three), and there's no way of knowing upfront how long it's going to take. In the meantime, I need to copy my diplomas and have them notarized and apostilled. I think there's also a health affidavit, but there are apparently several different versions, so I'll wait till the actual application process to fill one out. Fortunately I've had an E2 visa before, so I don't need to do the consular interview.

Of course, I still have to get an actual job. Because the process is so long now, most schools won't talk to you till you have all your documents in hand, and this has been rather a last-minute thing. I'm starting to get offers, anyway, but I'll have a lot more flexibility once I can just step on a plane.

I want to be absolutely ready when I do get my visa, so I'm thinning my possessions again and packing away what I won't be taking. I've also taken Yggi (my cat) in for a rabies titer test, which is needed according to the new animal import regulations. It was pure luck that I even found out the regulations had changed--can't remember what I was looking up, but I'm glad I figured it out in time!

I'm thinking about getting an Instagram account. I've never seen the need for one before, but cell phone photos are way more convenient, by and large, than using a regular camera. If I do get an account, I'll link it here.

Updates hopefully more regular henceforth. XOXO,


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